The goal of the Transportation Department is to provide safe and comfortable transportation for our Medford Township Public School students.  Additionally, efficiency is taken into consideration to ensure minimal student time riding on school buses as well as economic accountability. 
All students are required to wait at the designated bus stop 10 minutes prior to the scheduled bus arrival.  Our bus routes are timed and must remain on schedule, if a student isn’t at the bus stop at the designated time the bus must proceed to the next stop.  Bus stops are selected to maximize the efficiency of each route.  Large buses are not permitted to enter cul de sacs and van do not enter dead end streets or driveways.
The Transportation Department has established specific guidelines/procedures to ensure students are transported to and from the proper locations. Students are assigned to a specific bus and bus stop and are expected to consistently ride their assigned bus and exit at their assigned stop. In some cases, students need to be transported from/to an alternate location, such as a daycare, babysitter, or other location within the sending area. You must complete the “Alternate Location” form by the first week of August. (Found in right navigation bar.)  A request must be consistent for all days of the week.  Students will only be assigned to one bus for the AM route, and one bus for the PM route.
Students in Kindergarten and First Grades require an adult or caretaker to be at the PM bus stop in order for the child to exit the bus. It is the parents’ responsibility to meet the bus to retrieve their student. In the event that no one is present the bus driver will keep the student on the bus.  Students will continue on the route with the driver until a parent/guardian is contacted. If no one can be reached, the student will be returned to their home school at the end of the child’s bus route.
Students are not permitted to ride other buses other than the bus they are assigned to.   Students may get off at another stop on their route, with pre-approved permission via a phone call to the Transportation Department at 609-953-5841 Ext. 2.
  1. Students are under the supervision of the bus driver at all times.
  2. Students are to remain seated in their assigned seat while the bus is in motion at all times. Students may only exit the bus when the bus has come to a full stop.
  3. Inside voices should be used by all students.
  4. Behavioral expectations are to be observed at the bus stop at well as on the bus.
  5. At no time while on the bus, students are permitted to extend their head, hands or arms out of the bus window.
  6. The bus should be kept clean by students at all times. Any trash should be placed in the trash can at the front of the bus upon exiting.
  7. Nothing can be thrown within the bus or out of the bus window by students.
  8. Bus windows are to remain closed unless a student requests permission first from the bus driver to open a window.
  9. Students must take direction from School Safety Patrol Officers if provided on the bus.
  10. Students are not permitted to eat or drink while riding on the bus. All food and beverages must be stored in students’ backpacks or lunchboxes.
  11. Students are prohibited from taking pictures and or video with their telephones and/or cameras.
  12. Failure to abide by the above expectation may result in a student’s bus riding privileges being revoked.