Genesis Information for Guardians

If you have an issue with Genesis, or have a question that you need assistance with, please contact your child's Main Office secretary.
School  Secretary Phone Number
Milton H. Allen Susan Troy 609-654-4203 ext. 6272
Chairville Lois Grzeszczak 609-654-9610 ext. 3001
Cranberry Pines Kathy Posch 856-983-2861 ext. 4552
Kirby's Mill Mary Thompson 609-953-7014 ext. 3201
Taunton Forge Jen Abbott 609-654-6723 ext. 5444
Haines 6th Grade Center Joann Houck  609-654-4056 ext. 8505
Memorial Middle School Colleen Lash 609-654-7707 ext. 8113