Cafeteria Information

When your child returns to school on September 8th 2021, there will be no online lunch ordering system.  Students will  order their lunch in the cafeteria and be able to choose their own options.
Monthly menus will be posted on the districts website via Nutri-Slice.You will be able to view menus daily and check dietary information.

Due to United States Department of Argiculure (USDA) funding, all lunches are FREE for all students through June 30th 2022.  Additional ALA CARTE items will be available for purchase. We recommend the use of our prepayment system, SchoolCafe

There will be no remote lunches or weekend meals.


Cafeteria questions: contact Robyn Eder at [email protected] 609-654-7707 x8170

Meals Prepared and Served By:


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Free and Reduced Lunch Information
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