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Frequently Asked Questions
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Students attend the puberty instruction that corresponds with their biological sex. If a student is not comfortable attending this lesson, the school counselor and principal will facilitate instruction on a case by case basis. 
We believe in an inclusive learning environment.  From Kindergarten where students learn each other's names and share about themselves in a morning meeting all the way through 8th grade where students dive into learning about maintaining healthy relationships, we teach our students that ALL... regardless of their interests, feelings, or identity... should be treated with respect. We simply look to teach students that we all have value and all have something to contribute to the greater good.
Parents are welcome to reach out to building principals to view and discuss the information that will be shared with students and a parent/guardian at this optional afterschool event. 
The district will not discriminate against any parent or guardian interested in accompanying their child to this optional afterschool event. In advance of the event, appropriate district personnel will have one-on-one conversations with attendees, as necessary. 
Yes. Policy 3310 Academic Freedom states, "The Board will not condone classroom discussion that is unrelated to the educational goals of this district or to the subject of the course of study, disrupts the educational process, does not match the maturity level of the pupils, neglects to inform pupils of various responsible points of view on the subject under discussion, or fails to take into account the sensibilities of the community. Any person in violation of this policy will be subject to progressive disciplinary procedures."
The district may be subject to penalties including the withholding of funds. See State Statues below.
NJAC 6A:8-3.1 reads, "District boards of education shall ensure that curriculum and instruction are designed and delivered in such a way that all students are able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills specified by the NJSLS."
NJSA 18A:55-2 reads, "The commissioner shall direct the State treasurer to withhold funds payable by the State from any district which fails to obey the law or the rules or directions of the State board or the commissioner."