• I began working at Chairville Elementary School in 2015.  I graduated from Clemson University with an Educational Specialist's degree in Counseling Services.  Prior to counseling in the school setting, I was a Marriage and Family Therapist.  I have been providing counseling services in the home, school and community settings since 2010.   

    I believe in equipping students with tools to handle everyday life stressors.  My professional mission is to teach coping skills that transfer into adulthood. I have the unique opportunity to teach these strategies to all students at Chairville through classroom guidance lessons and school-wide programming.  Specific strengths are developed through individual and small group counseling as well as parent/teacher consultations where I can provide more tailored interventions.  Feel free to contact me at anytime and inquire about how your student can recieve counseling services.  



    "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." - Dr. Wayne Dyer


    Gina Neri, Ed.S., NCC


    609-654-9610 ext. 3013