Direct Library Phone: 609-975-6084 
    We use an open checkout policy in the Taunton Forge Library that closely resembles the public library system. Students do not need to wait until their library day and time to come visit the library. We love drop-in visitors any time or day of the week!
    Students are welcome to come to the library as often as they like. If students miss their library day and time they are always encouraged to come to the library any time or any day of the week to get a book. We are always here to help students find books and check out books.
    Even if a child has overdue books or has forgotten to bring books back to the library, he/she is encouraged to return the overdue items the next day and visit the library to pick out new books or magazines!

    Kathy Lee Simpkins, MSLIS
    Elementary School Librarian
    Taunton Forge 
    Elementary School

    32 Evergreen Trail
    Medford, NJ 08055
    School Phone Number:
    Library Extensions:
    5441 (Librarian's desk)
    5305 (Library Office)
     5304 (Circulation Counter)
    Direct Library Number: 609-975-6084  
    Welcome to the
    Taunton Forge
    Elementary School
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    The Taunton Forge Library is staffed by:

     Mrs. Kathy Lee Simpkins, Librarian MSLIS
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      If you have any questions, contact the library at:
    School's Main Office: 609-654-6723 
     ex: 5441 (Librarian's Desk)
    ex: 5305 (Circulation Counter)
     ex: 5304 (Library Office)
     Direct Library Phone: 609-975-6084