Teacher: Mr. Hak
    music notes

    Music is an essential part of the curriculum at Chairville School. The New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards for Visual and Performing Arts identify music, along with theater and visual arts as ..."critical to the success of New Jersey and the nation as we move into the twenty-first century...critical because of the arts' capacity to: foster creativity and inventive decision making; support communication of thoughts and feelings; enrich understanding across cultures and history; . . . and enhance the quality of life for all."

    At each grade level, and to different degrees, students learn the elements of music and how choices of these elements affect the mood and meaning of a song. They also participate in physical movement in response to music. They aim to master the skills needed to sing or to play an instrument. Students create their own music and perform it for each other. Also, working together, they discuss and evaluate their performances which they have created. Finally, they become familiar with different styles of music.

    Students in grades 1 -5 attend music class for a 30 minute period two times per week. Students in Kindergarten attend once per week. Fourth and fifth graders have the option of joining chorus, which meets during the school day for a half hour weekly. A few before school rehearsals will probably be scheduled before the concert dates to be able to rehearse on the stage.

    If you should have any questions about the music program or would like to offer any knowledge or talents to the music program, please feel free to contact me, Mr. Hak, at Chairville School. I would be glad to hear from you.