School Nurse

Phone - 609-654-7707 Ext. 8316 or press 5 at the prompt

 If you have any questions please call your child’s school nurse.
Read the Participation in Sports Letter
(both of the below forms are state mandated and provided by the state)
Click link for the  Sports Physical Form
 (Example, if your child got a physical on September 1, 2016, the physical is good until August 31, 2017 - Physicals are valid for 365 days).
 (Example, if your child got a physical on September 1, 2016 and wants to play a sport/intramural on or after November 30th (90 days from the date of the physical) the parent must fill out a Health History Update Form and if the child wants to play another sport/intramural on or after March 1st, the parent must fill out ANOTHER Health History Update Form (because it has been another 90 days since the last form was turned in.)
If your child has been diagnosed with a
please click here for Physicians forms that must be completed by doctor before your child may return to school.

(If your child has Asthma you must complete the Asthma Treatment Plan and Questionaire. If your child has an EpiPen, you must complete the Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan - see below before trying out for ANY Interscholastic Sport or Intramural)
General Health Forms and Information

2016  - 2017




Girls Soccer

Cross Country   Spikeball

Boys Soccer

    Out & About

Field Hockey

Physical Due Date

Tuesday, September 6, 2016




Girls  Basketball

Flag Football

Boys  Basketball



Physical Due Date

Friday, October 21, 2016






Girls Softball


Baseball A  & B

Girls Lacrosse

Track &  Field

Physical Due Date

Friday, February 24, 2017

 Below is a link to the District Website where we have health related videos for parents.
Many of the videos may answer questions you have on various topics, but as always if you have further questions please feel free to call your school's nurse for further assistance.