Coach Rutkowski arutkowski@medford.k12.nj.us


      Medford Memorial 2018 Spring Track & Field Meet Schedule:                                                                                                                                      

    April 9 (Mon)    Penn Relay Trials 4:00 at Pennsauken HS  (AWAY)

                               *This is ONLY for the top 6 Boys & 6 Girls


    April 12 (Thu)   Beck & Merchantville 3:45 at Medford (HOME)


    April 13 (Fri)    Medford Throwing Invitational (HOME) 

                                    3:45 at Medford Memorial  

                       * Only for our top 10 Shot & Discus throwers


    April 17 (Tue)    Winslow, Bell Oaks, Medford at Winslow HS 3:45    (AWAY)

    April 19 (Thu)    Carusi and Medford at Cherry Hill WEST HS 3:45     (AWAY)

    April 24 (Tue)    Glenn Landing, Marlton, Westfield Friends at Medford 3:45   (HOME) 

    April 26 (Thur)  Voorhees , Medford at Voorhees MS 3:45    (AWAY)                                                           

    April 27 (Fri)     Penn Relays Finals at U of Penn, Franklin Field    (AWAY)

                                   * (Pending Qualification) (10:00am)                                        

    May 1 (Tue)       Harrington, Medford at Lenape HS 3:45  (AWAY)

    May 3  (Thu)      Mullen, DeMasi, Westfield Friends, Medford at Timber Creek HS  3:45   (AWAY)                                    

    May 8 (Tue)       CW Lewis, Westfield Friends, Medford at Highland HS 3:45    (AWAY)

    May 10  (Thu)      Carusi at Medford 3:45  (HOME) 

    May 16 (Wed)     Tabernacle, Medford at Olson MS 3:45  (AWAY)  

    May 18 (Fri)     SJTF League Championships at Cinnaminson HS 4:00 (AWAY)