Maureen Schoenberger

Why should students learn keyboarding? Students need to know proper keyboarding technique so they can keyboard with proficient speed and accuracy and maximize their time on the computer.
Keyboarding practice begins at the Kindergarten level with identifying letters on the keyboard and in first grade we continue to work on letter recognition on the keyboard with some of the games listed below:
In second grade we introduce "Dance Mat Typing" and reinforce keeping our hands on the home row. Third graders work on the software program, Type to Learn 3. In the fourth and fifth grade, Type to Learn 4 is utilized and keyboarding is graded on the report card! We practice keyboarding at least once a month and in conjunction with various typing projects throughout the year.
However, it is important to continue use correct typing procedures at home. Below is a list of great practice sites to advance your keyboarding skills:
NEW! Musical Virtual Keyboard (Type the letters on your computer keyboard to hear your songs being played. Use this musical keyboard paper to help you!)