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    Two years of high school were added to the Filbert Street School. 

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    A four room addition was addition was built and the high school course was extended to three years. 

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    Filbert Street SChool in 1910
    The Filbert Street School is condemned by the state authorities who demanded better school facilities.  They were permitted to use the school until 1927.  The High School program was discontinued and in the mean time the students went to Mount Holly. For about 20 years, Medford's High School students attended Mount Holly High School on Brainard Street.
    With all the township pupils crowded into one school and the state authorities breathing down their necks, the Medford Township Board of Education on Feb. 25th, 1927 awarded contracts for a new school building at the cost of $144,000 plus $5,000 for land and $3,500 for equipment.  The bond issue was for $145,000.  Ground was broken on March 1, 1927.
    In January 1928 the Filbert Street School closed due to an epidemic of diptheria and when school was called again, the new school on Stokes Avenue (now Allen Ave. ) was used.  The interior of the building was not completed and all of the equipment was not available so it was not until February 7, 1929 that the Milton H. Allen School was dedicated.