• Parent(s)/Guardian(s), please make sure to notify the main office whenever you have a change of phone number, email, emergency contact, etc. We are going "green" by sending many of our flyers, permission slips, and information out via email. If you have an update, please contact Ms. Lash via email clash@medford.k12.nj.us.

    We encourage parents to sign up for the Nixle Notification System http://www.nixle.com/index_04.html .  Alerts immediately register on cell phones, email and text messages.  Best of all, there is no charge for this service!

    Just a head's up! Many parents ask what the procedure for picking up your child from school early. We would like you to send your child in with a note, stating the date and time that you will be picking up your child. Your student will hold on to your note, and show their teacher the note from you that states your pick up time. Your child will then use that note as their pass out of class to come to the office to wait for you to come in and sign them out. We like to utilize this system so there is less interuption into the classrooms by having to call in for early dismissal of students.