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    Name: Ms. Monica Oppenheimer
    Grade: 7th/8th Grade Spanish
    Team:  Exploratory
    Phone Ext: 8209
    Room #9
    ¡Hola! Me llamo Señora Oppenheimer (formerly Stillman).
    I am one of the 7th and 8th Grade Spanish Teachers at Memorial School and have been a part of the Memorial family for 11 years.  Read below for "More About Me...".
    I am a proud Green & Gold member from Audubon, New Jersey and part of the infamous graduating class of 2004. I am proud of my hometown history, traditions and excellence. I will be a forever member of my community.
    I attended Lock Haven University in Lock Haven Pennsylvania. LHU and I were a perfect match. Lock Haven offered a community of challenging academics, meaningful relationships and signifcant experiences to aid in my growth as a person and an educator. I had an amazing opportunity to study and live in Madrid, Spain while in college. The experience was incredible and aids in my classroom instruction daily.
    I have a Master's Degree in School Leadership from Wilmington University. I hope to one day use my leadership skills in the role as a supervisor or principal. You will see me involved in tons of activities outside of the classroom to keep my drive alive. 
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    My most recent educational endeavor was through Rowan University in their English as a Second Language certificate program. After two years of course completion, I have been passionately involved in serving the English Language Learner community within our district. 
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