• math

    Name:  Ms. K. Gallo
    Grade: 7th Math
    Phone Ext: 8248
    Room #48
    Welcome to Ms. Gallo's class.

    Mrs. Gallo's class rules and information room #48

    Welcome to math class. My name is Mrs. Gallo. My expectations are that we are going to have a terrific year together. I have provided you with information for this class.


    ·Have something for papers and handouts(you can use part of a binder or folder from another class or just for math)

    · Calculator you do not need to have it for this class,  I will have a class set available (You may want to have one home to use for homework if you wish)

    · Something to write with, a pencil and pen


    Organization is important. Keeping class handouts in a binder or folder will make it easier to keep organized. Students will be instructed what they will need to keep and what they will need to prepare for tests and quizzes.


    Each day homework assignments are written on the front board and are to be copied in your agenda. If you don't have any homework then you can write, none.

    Completing you homework is important .One of the key ways to be successful in math is “practice”. Homework counts as part of your accountability grade. It is looked at but not always collected. I will be looking for effort, did you do your best to complete all the problems. This means you, at least, attempted to solve the problems. Homework usually reflects a small sample of what we are covering in class or a previously taught skill. It should not take more than 20 minutes.

    Grading                Accountability 

    Major Tests 60%                                                                 Homework 50%
    Minor Quizzes – 25%                                                           Classwork- 50%
    Daily Assessments –15%

    Extra Help

    Don't ever be afraid to ask for help when you are unclear about something. Extra help days will be made available if you wish to stay.

    General Rules for Class

    · Follow all rules listed in the student handbook

    · To leave the classroom requires permission and sign out of room.

    · You are expected to exercise self-control at all times. Remember to treat others with respect as you would wish to be treated.

    · Put your best effort in at all times. Be a first time listener.

    · One person speaks at a time.  

    Always feel free to contact me. My extension is 8248 and my email is kgallo@medford.k12.nj.us

    I am glad to be working with you this year!