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    Name: Ms. J-J Crivello
    Grade: 8th Grade Social Studies
    Team: 8-2
    Phone Ext: 8106
    Room #24
    Welcome to Ms. Crivello's class.

    GRADING P0LICY-Ms. Crivello


     The goal of the grading system is to effectively communicate astudent’s overall performance in the learning process with respect to mastery of material (achievement), as well as work habits (accountability). Therefore, you will receive two grades per, trimester, and for the academic year, as follows:

               Achievement Grade:

    Major Assessments (quizzes, tests, essays) – 40%

    Classwork (written responses and essays performed in class; performance activities) – 40%

    Minor Assessments (quick checks, minor written responses) – 20%

                Accountability Grade:

    Homework- 50%

    Preparation - 10% 

    Participation/Effort/Citizenship- 40%

    Grading Scale:

    A        90-100

    B        80-89

    C        70-79

    D        60-69

    F        50-59

    Check Grading System- Certain assignments may be evaluated on a check-plus/minus basis,as follows: √++ = 100; √+ = 90; √ = 80; √- = 70; √-- = 60.



    MISSED WORK:  Students obtain missing work from the folder for their class period located to the right of the door. Students are responsible for checking the folder upon returning from an absence.  Teachers will provide all missing work which does not fit in the folder. Due dates are as specified in Student Handbook or as agreed upon mutually otherwise.

    HOMEWORK OR CLASS WORK COMPLETED AT HOME:  All work completed at home or homework is to be placed on a stool in the front of the room immediately after personal belongings are put down as appropriate.  Any work not placed on the pile of papers once collected by a teacher will be considered to be late. Homework not handed in on its due date will receive a zero, unless due to excused absence.


    UPON ENTERING THE ROOM: Students are to read the whiteboard in the hallway before coming into the room to learn what materials are needed. Upon entering the room, students proceed directly to their desks (place any work completed at home on the stool, check absent folder for missing work), take out required materials, and not walk around the room other before the door is closed. Students need lined paper and a writing utensil EVERY DAY (black or blue ink only).  A stapler and tape is available in the front of the room for student use.

    TRASH/RECYCLING: Students are not to get out of their seats during class as same is disruptive.

    LAV/NURSE/OTHER: Any student leaving the room FOR ANY REASON must sign out and back in legibly with first and last names on the clipboard on the table in the front of the room, only during times specified by teacher.

    END OF CLASS: Students may not pack up until dismissed by a teacher; the bell is not dismissal.

    SHARING GRADES: Students must not share grades with classmates when graded work is returned.

    EXTRA HELP: is available at lunch or after school upon request.

    NAME AND PERIOD #: is to be put on all work.


    Class names:

    Second period            Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ (“Greetings” or “G”))

    Fourth period             TheWild, the Innocent and the E Street Shuffle (“W&I”)

    Fifth period                 Lucky Town (“LT”)

    Seventh period           Magic (“M”)