• math

    Jenny Amendola
    Phone Ext: 8104
    Room #104
    TEAM 8 - 3

    Choose the method that you will be the most successful at keeping your work organized, so that you are prepared every day.
    3 suggested methods to stay organized:
    -notebook (single or three subject) AND a section in your binder
    -notebook (single or three subject) AND a folder used for math
    - A section in your binder with looseleaf paper (to take notes & complete classwork/hw) and also to store worksheets and class notes. 
     Additional daily materials:
    2 dry erase markers (preferably not yellow) -
               -used only for MATH, will be kept in classroom 
    OPTIONAL TO PURCHASE - Graph paper to be stored in your binder (graphs can be printed off computer when needed)
    HONORS ALGEBRA - TI-Nspire Calculator