• Liz Mikotowicz
    Name: Liz Mikotowicz
    Grade: Special Education
    Email Address: emikotowicz@medford.k12.nj.us
    Phone Ext: 6212
    Room #: 33
    Hello! My name is Liz Mikotowicz and this will be my third year teaching at Allen School. I am a recent graduate of TCNJ's 5-year Master's Program in Special Education, where I earned my Bachelors in Psychology with a minor in Deaf Studies in 2015, and my Masters of the Art in Teaching with a focus on students with severe disabilities and emotional, behavioral disabilities in 2016.
    I grew up in Medford and went through the Medford School District myself, attending Cranberry Pines and Memorial. It's great to be back home and have the opportunity to experience everything I knew growing up from a new perspective. Aside from teaching I enjoy spending my time sewing and crafting, trying out new recipes I find on Pinterest, running, attending Zumba classes, and taking naps whenever I get the chance!
    I am passionate about education, and am especially passionate about the field of special education. I hope to foster an environment that encourages students to become self-advocates, as well as self-determined and self-confident life long learners! I look forward to spending the year learning and growing with your student!