Name: Ms. J. Kelly
    Grade: 7th Grade Science (Co-teach w/Mr. Giannattasio) & 7th Grade Mathematics (Co-teach w/Mrs. Bell)
    Phone Ext: 8248  
    Room # 48, #7, & #52
    Welcome to 7th Grade Science and Math
     Classroom Expectations:
    My classes are a place where everyone feels like they belong.  I expect everyone to make others feel welcome and comfortable.  
    By following the simple  "3R's" listed below, I know we will have a successful year.  ~Mrs. Kelly 
    1.  Be Respectful of Yourself and Others.  
             Allow yourself the opportunity to be successful by respecting your need to learn.  Pay attention.  Show effort.  Help to create a classroom that is good for learning.                                
             Use appropriate language.  Dress appropriately for school.  Give others a chance to speak (one person speaks at a time), and be respectful in your responses to others.  
    2.  Be Responsible.
            Use your agenda/homework notebook.  Come to class prepared with materials and assignments.  
         Be honest, and accept responsibility when needed.  Make plans with me to stay for extra help if you're having trouble.  Be responsible for your learning.  
    3.  Be Ready. 
            Come to class each day with a positive attitude and ready to give your best effort.  When the bell rings, be in your seat and have what you need with you to be ready to learn.