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    Name: Mrs. Hoppel
    Grade: 7th and 8th Grade Language Arts
    Team:  7-4/8-4
    Phone Ext: 8105
    Room: #15
    Welcome to Language Arts!

    7th & 8th Grade: BE SURE You have finished your Summer Reading before coming to class in September! I will be collecting your Summer Reading Log at the very beginning of the year.

    Supplies Needed for Language Arts:

    •                    One three-ring binder divided into three sections with divider tabs (Homework, Keeper, Worksheets) This binder can be           shared with Social Studies and/or Math, but you must have the three tabs in your ELA section!
    •         One composition notebook 
    •         One, one-gallon Ziplock bag
    •          Pens/Pencils (Colored pens-VARIETY OF COLORS, but not red)
    •          Post It notes, size 3 X 3 - A VARIETY of colors!                                                                                       (About 12 pads to be used throughout the year)-- to be kept in your pencil case
    •          Two or three glue sticks-- to be kept in your pencil case
    •          Pencil case (The kind that zips closed and can be kept in your binder is best.)
    •          Agenda- You WILL need to write assignments down in class that may not be posted online
    •          One pack of multi-colored highlighters-- to be kept in your pencil case
    •          Colored pencils-- to be kept in your pencil case 

    Extra Materials You May Find Useful:

    ü  Hole Punch

    ü  Scotch Tape

    Donations Greatly Appreciated!

    ü  Hand Sanitizer

    ü  Clear Contact Paper

    ü  Tissues

    ü  Glue Sticks

    ü  Post-its

    ü  School/Age-Appropriate Magazines

    ü  Age-Appropriate Novels for Classroom Library