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    Name: Amanda Korth
    Grade: 7th Social Studies & Lang Arts
    Phone Ext:
    Room #51
    (Co-teaches with Ms. Bracken & Ms. Perry & Mr. Tursi)
    Undergraduate School: The College of New Jersey
    Graduate School: The College of New Jersey
    Degree: BS in Psychology, MA in Teaching
    After teaching at Haines for a year, I "graduated 6th grade" and moved up to Memorial to teach 7th grade Social Studies and Language Arts! In addition, I teach two enrichment classes- Your Brain: Trained and Explained, and In the Zen. I also help advise Memorial Drama Club in the spring. I can't wait to have an amazing year with all of my students.
    When I'm not at school, I am usually eating (if you know me, you know I love food), at the gym, with my family or friends, or trying to find new music. I welcome all music suggestions from my students!! 
    I am looking forward to meeting you and learning all about you!!! Get ready for a crazy, exciting, fun year.
    Students and parents:  if you ever need anything or have any questions, please feel free to contact me (email works best) at any time! I will get back to you as soon as I can.

    Materials for Language Arts (due by Wednesday 9/11/19) 
    All materials will be needed for every day of class. Preparedness will be a consideration in the overall accountability grade each trimester.

    • A section of your binder labeled Language Arts
    • Highlighters (at least 3 different colors)
    • 2 packs of pencils- one will be left in the classroom so you will always have a pencil for class
    • Independent reading book
    • Blue or Black Ink Pen
    • Post-it notes
    • Index cards