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    Name: Ms. Bell
    Grade: 7th Grade Math, Team Leader
    Team: 7-3
    Phone Ext: 8204
    Room #52
    “Think left and think right and think low and think high.
    Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!”

    - Dr. Seuss

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    Welcome to Ms. Bell's class.
    Check out the our textbook and its website....
    Remind 101 
    Enter/Text 81010
    Math 7
    ADV Math
    @ bcc498
    7-3 PRIDE
    Classroom supplies
    • One two-pocket folder
    • Plenty of Pencils
    • Dry Erase Marker(s)
    Grade Distribution

    Students will earn an achievement and an accountability grade.
         Achievement grades
     §  Major Assessment (Tests)                                                50%   
    §  Minor Assessments (Quizzes)                                           30%   
    §  Daily Assessments (graded assignments,                      20%

                    mini-assesments, graded MMRs)

    Accountability Grades
      §    Homework  (checked daily for completion and effort)        50%  
      §    Preparation (quick checks, exit tickets, MMRs, etc)               50%  



     Weekly MMR's (Math Memory Reflex)
    - MMR's are designed to review previous skills.  If you are weak in the presented skill, it is your responsibility to get help.
    -  MMR's copied on white paper are due each Friday are graded and assessed as an accountability grade.  Students may re-do and resubmit these MMR's at any time during the marking period.
    - MMR's copied on colored paper will be assessed as an achievement grade.  These MMR's can only be submitted once.
    Extra Help
    Extra help is offered weekly.  Students may seek extra help for assistance with the concepts that we are currently mastery in class or for MMR assistance. The extra help day will be Thursday after school unless posted otherwise in the classroom and on the homework link.
    Homework is graded for completion. All students must show work and must attempt every assigned problems.  Although the homework is not graded for accuracy, all homework is checked and edited during class.  It is the student's responsiblilty to edit their individuals papers.
    Math concepts often build each day.  Missing class may result in confusion.  If you are absent for any reason from class, you should check the homework link and make every attempt to return to school with the assigned work.