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    Name: Pamela Catalano
    Grade: 2
    Phone Ext: 4102
    Room #: 102
    Welcome to the "Catalano Classroom Connection"!
           Welcome to Second Grade!  We are so excited to start a new year!  We are ready for new beginnings, new friends, new experiences, and new learning.  In Reading, we have set up our Reading Workshop routine. We are working on reading accurately and fluently and most importantly, thinking and reacting to the words while making meaning of the text. In Math, we have been diligently working on understanding addition and subtraction.
            We have just about finished our Personality Bags and getting to know each other a little better.  Once we are finished, we will commence our Social Studies unit "Our Community".  First, we will examine Rules & Laws and their importance in a community.          
     Just wait for the fun activities we will be delving into!!  Second Grade is always full of SUPER LEARNING FUN!!!