• Melissa Celia

    Name: Melissa Celia
    Grade: K-5 Basic Skills Math
    Phone Ext: 3267
    Room #: SGI3

    Teaching is a second career for me. Prior to pursuing my passion as a K-5 math teacher, I worked in New York City as an Editorial Manager for a fashion magazine for 13 years. The aspect of that job that I enjoyed most of all was teaching…and balancing budgets. It became clear to me that I was a teacher who loved math. I earned my Masters in Elementary Education at Wilmington University and have been fortunate to teach in the Medford School District for the past eleven years.

    The number one question that all math teachers get asked is, “Why do I need this in the real world?” I draw from my 13 years in the business world, to make every math lesson relevant to your children.Children across the country are being asked to meet the challenge of the Common Core State Standards. My goal is to not only make sure your children meet the standards, but that they exceed the standards, and enjoy learning every step of the way.

    As a math teacher I count my blessings when I am with my husband, Paul, my 10 year old son, Carson, and my dog, Darby,especially when we are outside playing sports together or boogie boarding in the ocean.