• Name: Kristin Seltzer
    Grade: Kindergarten
    Phone Ext: 4702
    Room #: 702
    Welcome to Kindergarten!
    If a teacher I must be
    I'm so glad to be at Cranberry
    I've been teaching kindergarten for many years
    All of them with memories dear
    I'm also a reading specialist
    Teaching your children is what I love best
    Like the St. Joe's Hawk, your children reach for the sky
    For as you know, the HAWK WILL NEVER DIE!
    Volunteering at my church
    Watching my parrot do tricks on his perch
    I love to travel with my family
    It's an adventure we share happily
    Watching your children grow and learn
    Is the best reward I could ever earn
    So, thank you for this wonderful opportunity
    And I mean it most sincerely!