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    Name:Mr. McKenna
    Grade: K-5
    Phone Ext: 4840
    Room #:Gymnasium

         The physical education program at Cranberry Pines is one that aims to develop the whole child physically, mentally, and socially.  We understand that physical activity equals better academics and improves the quality of life.  By providing successful learning experiences, the children are encouraged to achieve their personal best within a dynamic array of games, activities, nutrition and health lessons.  Lessons are developed to raise the level of enthusiasm within each child and help them to be proud of themselves.


         Lifelong nutrition and physical activity patterns are established in childhood.  The proper growth and development of a child is dependent on what they consume and how much exercise and movement they get during these critical years.


         Firstly – our goal is to keep as many children, as possible, activily involved most of the time in a FUN, physically and emotionally safe environment.


         Secondly – our goal is to have all students physically educated so they will pursue a quality lifestyle  which is full of physical activity and positive health experiences for a lifetime.



         Students take responsibility for their learning by using task sheets/charts, peer teaching and leadership, independent and teamwork movement challenges, and acknowledging their actions within a social setting.  All physical education units follow a theme and focus on learning.  Health concepts are applied to many of the lessons.  Students are expected to be prepared for class with appropriate SNEAKERS and “Best Effort” participation.


         The building blocks for all of our physical education units are based on the following areas:


    ·        Safety & Injury prevention

    ·        Physical conditioning & Coordination

    ·        Sport skills & Tactics

    ·        Self-expression through movement

    ·        Growth & Development/Progression & self-improvement


    ·        Problem Solving

    ·        Cross-Curricular content

    ·        Application of concepts and understanding


    ·        Sportsmanship & Positive attitude

    ·        Communication & Cooperation/Teamwork

    ·        Development of friendships & Social skills


    All of our lessons comply with the Standards for the National Association for Sport and Physical Education, as well as, the NJ Core Curriculum content standards.