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    Name: Ms. Jeral
    Grade: 7th & 8th Math & Science
    Phone: 609-654-7707 ext. 8245 
    Room #: 34
     Welcome to Ms. Jeral's Webpage!
    Hello students, parents, family, and friends!  First and foremost, please know that this website is a work-in-progress and will become more and more resourceful as the year progresses.  For now, let's just get to know each other!  Here is a little about me, and I look forward to learning more about you in the very near future :)
    But First, To The Students:  I cannot wait to spend this year teaching you, learning about you, and learning FROM you.  I am fully aware that each year my students will teach me just as much (if not more) as I teach you.  I may teach you about math or science, but you might teach me what's "cool" and "uncool" these days.  You might teach me how to dab or the best bottle-flipping strategies.  You might teach me about your life and the things you are going through.  You might teach me how to laugh during the toughest lessons.  But most of all, you WILL teach me to be a better teacher.  You will all help me, whether you realize it or not, become the best teacher I can be. 
    Let me learn from you as much as you learn from me.  Be the best student you can be, and I'll be the best teacher I can be.  Welcome to a new school year.  It's going to be GREAT!!
    My Background:  I went to The College of New Jersey and had a very long winded major!  The full story is that I double majored in Special Education and Integrated STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).  Within iSTEM my specialization was in technology, so I took classes that focused heavily on technology in a pre-engineering sense.  The Special Education major was a 5-year masters program in which I focused on literacy in my 5th year.  The short story is that I've always wanted to be a teacher and TCNJ helped me get there!
    Fun Facts:  I have two different colored eyes (one is blue and one is green), but I do not have a middle name.  I have a puppy who I love to death and my students who are reading this will probably get tired of hearing me talk about her this year :)
    Please do not hesitate to contact me at all.  I welcome all questions, comments, and concerns!