• computer
    Name: Mrs. Connie Papp
    Grade: Technology/IMPACT
    Phone Ext: 5446
    Room #: Fab Lab
    The goal of technology is to transform learning, foster critical thinking and creativity, and to prepare students to flourish in the ever changing world. As engaged learners, students are able to acquire and apply content knowledge and skills through active exploration and interaction with the computers. 
    Student Benchmarks teacher
       Students will learn:
    • to participate in a whole class, teacher directed lesson using the Promethean Board
    • to correctly learn the procedures for using networked based computers
    • to identify the major components of the computer and their functions
    • to understand and work with the computer desktop, menu bar and icons
    • to use technology vocabulary
    • to use correct keyboarding/computer techniques
    • to open and run selected programs
    • to use online resources to research and retrieve information
    • to create and open existing documents
    • to proofread and use the spell check tools
    • to save and print documents 


    Dance Mat Typing Drills

    Free Typing Games

    Touch Typing

    Typing Games

    Power Typing


    Keyboard Challenge