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    Name:  Ms. Amy Russell
    Grade: 7th & 8th  Special Education
    Phone Ext: 8354
    Room #: 21
    Welcome to Ms. Russell's class.
    My classroom calendar on my website shows homework for my social studies classes and upcoming major assignments. (projects, tests/quizzes)
    Inclusion classes only has upcoming major assignments. (projects, tests/quizzes) 
    Always check regular education teachers website for updates on homework, attached assignments, and uploaded worksheets. 
    Does your child need extra help?
    A Great resource for your child if they need help besides staying with me during free time is to visit the Memorial Library in person or using Mrs. Loughlin's website. She not only has great knowledge but has great websites and tutorials to help your child and will add more through out the year. 
                                                 Need help remembering vocabulary?

    is a great FREE resource for your child to use that makes studying vocabulary fun!
    • All they have to do is go to Quizlet.com
    • Enter in their vocabulary and definition and the site converts it into games, notecards, audio , and more! 
      Students can even use it as an app directly on their phone for free!