Education Place: Mathematics

    Kids in grades K through 6 can find all kinds of fun and helpful math activities here! Try some online manipulatives, play games, find extra information to help with your math homework, and more! This is a great resource!

    Education Place: Mathematics

    Mr. Anker Tests

    Do you want to test your skills for school? This online activity contains tests that cover various elementary and middle school standards.

    Mr. Anker Tests

    Math Brain Games for You!

    Play these arcade-style math games and you'll not only have fun – you'll also practice your math skills. When you click to begin your game, you can choose from grades 1 through 8. If you finish all the games at your level, move up one to take on the next challenge!

    Math Brain

    Aunty Math: Math Challenges for K-5 Learners

    Every other week, this site offers a new problem to try. The site also teaches different problem-solving strategies such as drawing pictures, looking for patterns, and using objects. Sometimes, the solution to a problem becomes clear when you take a fresh approach!

    DuPage's Children Museum

    Houghton Mifflin Mathematics: Brain Teasers

    Visit this website to practice your math skills. In the Brain Teasers box, click the number that matches your grade level. Then try your hand at some fun word problems that will really get your mind working! Check the hints for some great problem solving ideas.Sometimes drawing or coloring a picture, making a list or chart or table, or acting out a situation with objects can help you find the answer!

    Houghton Mifflin Mathematics: Brain Teasers


    PBS Kids Go! CyberChase

    PBS presents the CyberSquad! Follow them on their daily adventures in math and science; help them to solve whatever new puzzle they've gotten themselves into. Or, if you'd like, you can join the CyberChase Club, meet its members, go on fun Web Adventures, take a Weekly Vote, or play some great games!


    Revise Wise Science

    This website will help you to prepare for state testing in science. Visit the different sections, including: living things, materials, physical processes, and the game zone. Just click on the icons to bring you to the different sections.

    Revise Wise Science

    Guess The Button

    There are sixteen different buttons on this page. Ask questions to find out which one the computer has secretly chosen. See how few questions you can ask to discover the mystery button!

    Annenberg Media

    "Emoticonstructor" at Your Service!

    Have you ever seen smileys and other faces created by keys on the keyboard? Use your imagination to learn how to make your own emoticon. Find out how this activity relates to technology today.

    NASA's Space Place

    A Bulb is Not Always a Bulb

    When is a bulb not a bulb? Help detective Le Plant find the answer in this fun online activity! Learn the difference between a bulb, a rhizome, and a tuber. Discover how plants grow without seeds and how bulbs and tubers are used as food.

    The Great Plant Escape

    Adventures of the Agronauts

    How can we grow plants on the Moon? Become "Agronauts in Training" and complete six different science lessons towards the final goal of growing plants on the Moon. There are plenty of cool activities that allow you to explore the world, space, and everything growing around us. Become an Agronaut now!

    Adventures of the Agronauts

    Ask a Scientist Service

    Ask a scientist! On this site youget toask real scientists somereal sciencequestions. Many scientists are standing by to answer your questions. Check thearchives, maybe your question has already been answered. Click below to start your scientific journey.

    Newton BBS

    Build a World on Mars

    Build your own world on Mars with this interactive game. You can even build your own interactive space craft and creatures. Click the link below to get started.

    Build Your Own World on Mars