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Memorial Middle School 7th Grade Science Project
While Medford Memorial Middle School students were studying tornadoes in science class as part of their 7th grade curriculum, students in the Midwest experienced the devastating force of nature firsthand. As part of their Science class, Ms. Gorman had her students create weather forecasts for the midwestern part of the country. Although the students were at first excited that the predications they made for storms and tornadoes to be accurate, they quickly became very concerned after seeing the actual devastation caused by the storms and immediately wanted to help. Ms. Gorman & her students identified 3 communities that needed the most help. They were West Liberty KY, Henryville IN, & Moscow OH.
The students in Ms. Gorman's 4 Science classes organized a drive for school supplies after hearing that many of the schools in these communities were destroyed. They created flyers requesting donations, recruited shipping sponsors, collected & inventoried donations and packed & weighed boxes prior to shipping. Each class also created a cheerful handmade banner to spruce up tornado victims' makeshift replacement schools. The number of donations was so great that it took 5 days for the students to pack & ship 39 boxes filled with various school supplies. When the collection was complete, the students wrote more than 200 thank you letters to those who made donations and conducted class discussions about the project. In return, they received thank you letters from the recipients and photos of the banners now hanging in their schools.
A spokesperson for the Henryville, KY school district thanked Ms. Gorman and told her that she has an amazing group of students and that their efforts serve as an outstanding model for leadership and caring for others.

Memorial Middle School 7th Grade Social Studies Project

Mrs. Sadlier's 7-2 Social Studies classes discovered the development of feudalism in Western Europe.  These seventh grade students assumed the roles of peasants, ladies, lords, knights, and monarchs during this medieval unit. Projects included:  Royal Facebook Pages, Medieval Journals, A Day in the Monastery, and The Medieval Town Project.  Many of these assignments were created in the Tech. Lab.  Students studied William the Conqueror/Battle of Hastings and the connections to feudalism. Class photos show students with their own Bayeux Tapestries depicting the Norman invasion of England and marking the anniversary of the Battle of Hastings on October 14, 1066.

Chairville School First Grade Thanksgiving Feast

The First Grade classes at Chairville School started off the holiday season with a Thanksgiving Feast.  The first grade students spent three weeks learning about the Pilgrims and their voyage on the Mayflower.  The students also learned about the Pilgrims struggles during their first year at Plymouth Colony and the events that led to the historic occasion we celebrate today: Thanksgiving.  During this unit of study the students took a field trip to Johnson's Farm where they picked Sweet Potatoes and Popcorn.  The unit concluded with a special singing performance by each class before they sat down to eat the traditional foods that the Pilgrims and Indians ate at the first Thanksgiving.

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