• fab lab

    Name: Christy Green
    Grade: Technology/IMPACT
    Phone Ext: 3217
    Room #: Fab Lab
    I hold a B.A. in Early Childhood Education/History and received my Masters of Science in Educational Technology. I've been the Technology/Gifted and Talented teacher, and the school webmaster at Kirby's Mill School since 2004. Before that, I was a classroom teacher (K-2) at Taunton Forge and Cranberry Pines. In November 2008, I was accepted into the Google Teacher Academy in New York City. In addition to teaching Pre-K through Fifth Grade Technology and 3-5 G/T classes, I address basic troubleshooting issues and hold "just in time" training sessions for staff.
    Welcome to the Kirby's Fab Lab!
    Grade Level Weekly Schedules

    Fifth Grade

    60 minutes

    Fourth Grade

    60 minutes

    Third Grade

    60 minutes

    Second Grade

    60 minutes

    First Grade

    60 minutes


    30 minutes


    Six 30-minute sessions (beginning November)


    We recognize that computer technology is in a state of perpetual change. The curriculum must reflect the most recent advances in technology as well as addressing the present educational needs of our students. Our overall goal is to prepare our students to be able to successfully compete in a profession of their choice utilizing technology as a resource tool to advance their productivity.
    Student Benchmarks
    • Students will understand the social, ethical and human issues related to technology in their daily lives and demonstrate responsible use of technology systems, information and software.
    • Students will use technology tools to enhance learning, increase productivity, creativity, and produce other creative works.
    • Students will use online resources to retrieve information.
    • Students will use technology to make and support decisions in the process of solving real world problems.