• One World, Many Stories.  Our story at Kirby's Mill during the last school year was one that highlighted the importance of how we bring our unique talents together to create an inclusive community.  Like every good story, ours was told with these important elements.

    Main Characters- Students:  The students at Kirby’s Mill are respectful, smart, and full of personality.  Every morning, they greet me with a smile and leave with the same smile at the end of the day.  They come to school prepared, and they work hard in the classrooms.  The students respect their teachers and their time at school, but when it’s time to have fun, they know how to let loose!  During assemblies, class parties, and school-wide events, they don’t hold back.  Their excitement and energy for fun equal their dedication to learning.


    Theme- Staff:  It is the same story- They work hard, but they also play hard!  The teachers at Kirby’s Mill care tremendously about their students.  They come to me regularly to discuss their students’ progress, and all of the meetings end with a plan to help the learners.  Each teacher has something unique to offer, and what they have to offer, they give in full.  Did I mention that the teachers know how to have fun?  There is an endless supply of food and fun in the library and teacher’s lounge.  They celebrate the students, but they also celebrate each other.  Birthdays, baby / bridal showers, and other special milestones are never forgotten here at Kirby’s Mill.  


    Setting- Parents and Community:  Every story needs a foundation, and the Medford Community provides a place where our story of teaching and learning can take place.  Not a day goes by when a parent doesn’t sign-in to help with the various events that are being planned or held at school.  There are also parents and community members who support the school behind the scenes through donations and township events that shape the culture of our school.  Thanks to their continued support, we are able move forward with our many stories.  

    The plot of Kirby’s Mill’s story is a rich and fulfilling one that captured our message- One World, Many Stories.  And now through our stories, we plan to Build a Better World during the new school year.  Kirby’s Mill has what it takes to tell a good story and to make the world a better place.