• Kirby's Mill Elementary School has been working collectively to help build a better world.  We spent the school year as a community learning about the importance of good character, healthy habits, and helping others.  For young students, learning to build a better world starts on a smaller scale, but as they mature and their world expands around them, they begin to extend their positive influence in Medford and beyond.  


    Building a better world requires character education, and most of this work centers around cultivating  healthy relationships. The Kirby’s Mill Hawks Have Character theme focused on six core values to work with families to foster honest, responsible, and caring students who act upon basic values that we all share.  Monthly assemblies were held to promote the following:



    Accepts Others

    Work Together

    Use Kind Words

    Show Respect  


    The Kirby’s Mills community is one of the most helpful around.  In November, a food drive was coordinated to help those in need, and in the month of December, various collections helped immediate members of our community.  Our annual Hat and Glove Drive and Giving Tree collected winter gear and funds to help families during the holiday season. Our staff at Kirby’s Mill took it a step further and raised funds to provide an extra giving basket for a family and to contribute to a foundation that supports families of children with cancer and cancer research.


    Fifth grade students worked together to create kindness rocks to spread uplifting messages.  Each student decorated a rock with a positive message. The rocks were on display outside of our school, and in June, the students took their rocks and placed them throughout the community.  The hope was to spread inspirational messages to promote random acts of kindness. This may seem like a small deed, but acts of kindness can be contagious and can spread far and wide quickly.   


    At Kirby’s Mill Elementary School, we respect and accept others despite our differences.  We recognize that while we may all appear different, in the end we share core values that bring us together as a community. We will continue to work together to reinforce these values as we foster a safe and positive school environment for all.  As HAWKS, we are building a better world!