• Mrs. Simmons
    Tammy Simmons
    Grade: 6
    Phone Ext:8530
    Room #:30
    Science Teacher
    Team Leader


    Year joined Haines Staff:           2001
    Undergraduate school:            Clarion University of Pennsylvania
    Degree:                                       Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education
    Graduate school:                   Clarion University of Pennsylvania
    Degree:                                             Masters of Education in Science Education
    Favorite part of teaching:         
    I love almost every part of teaching.  It doesn't get any better than
    watching a student have an "AH HA" moment, science truly lends itself
    to those moments!
    Favorite annual “event” at Haines:
    I have so many parts of each year that I enjoy; however, I truly love camp. 
    I love walking through the woods and teaching kids about the world 
    around them.