• Class codes to access Big Ideas:

    Period 1:  TB84-MBAE-MBHX

    Period 3:  TAHM-H4K2-K237

    Period 4:  3XX7-EZKE-R5J8

    Period 6:  AH3B-K8PD-YMNE

    Period 8:  7DEZ-DD2Z-4XKB

    Pre-Teaching "A" Day:  22X4-53SZ-A78J

    Pre-Teaching "B" Day:  XZ8X-3JM5-ZXZX


    How do I set up my HW for Mr. Faz?


    There are helpful websites you can use all year on our Google Classroom Page!


    There are many ways that you can study for math. Here are a few suggestions:


    • Ask questions in class when you don’t understand a problem.

    • When you get home from school, reread the notes you took in class that day.  As you are working on your homework, you should refer to the notes as a guide to help you.  Remember that you can always look back in your book as well.

    • Establish a Study Buddy in the class, and get in touch with them if you have any questions about class notes or homework.

    • Don’t wait until the day before a big test to study!


    • Go to the BIG IDEAS MATH website – www.bigideasmath.com.

    • Log in and click on the Assignments tab.

    • Take the online Practice Quiz/Test (remember to use scratch paper for your work).

    • Click on the Resources tab.

    • Use the Student Dynamic eBook to review, practice, and watch step-by-step tutorials for the examples.

    • Print and study the Vocabulary Flash Cards.

    • Use the Skills Review Handbook to find extra problems (and answers!) for the sections you want to review.

    • Use the Basic Skills Handbook to review any topic you feel that you need extra practice.


    Don’t forget – you can always stay after school for extra help!!!







    Steve Fasolo



    Phone Ext: 8504

    Room #: 24

    Math Teacher

    Head Basketball Coach - Boy’s 7th & 8th Grade team

    Head Baseball Coach - Boy’s 8th Grade “A” team



    Year joined Haines Staff: 1998


    Undergraduate school:   Holy Family University 

    Graduate school: Mary Grove College, Masters in the Art of Teaching

    Clubs/activities/sports I will be coaching or advising:   6th  grade Intramural Basketball,  Head Interscholastic 8th Grade Baseball Coach("A" Team), and Interscholastic Basketball


    My favorite part of teaching is when one of my students masters a concept and the “ lightbulb”  goes on.  I also enjoy helping my students break down the walls of Math, especially when they came into the school year doubting their Math abilities.


    My favorite event at Haines is Sahara Sam’s night.  It is my favorite event because I bring my own children and they are able to enjoy themselves with my students.  This event brings my two worlds together, both home and school.