• Schedule for Last Week June 18-22--Pizza Party is ONLY for my Home Room (we won it!) 






    Normal Classes

    Normal Classes

    Hidden Figures

    Day-Activities and Viewing of Movie

    Game Day

    Field Day

    Buy lunch or bag it


    HR Pizza Party for

    Box Tops (Winners)

    Pic Nic Lunch

    (Catered by Murphy’s)

    Buy Lunch or bag it; BBQ cooked by the cafeteria ladies-regular lunch price

    Early Dismissal

    Pizza Party Permission Slip Due Monday for Thomas HR

    Hidden Figures Permisson Slip Due Monday--I believe Ms. Mann has a copy on Google Classroom-I gave out extra copies (for the 2nd time) in HR today.








    Families, Parents, Folks:

    **since many of my documents are now in Google, I will be posting WS's & HW on the Google Classroom**








    please notify me if your child is spending more than 20 minutes on any one homework assignment.  Some of our kids try so hard to do the right thing and please the teacher, but 1 night of HW should never take an hour (if we assign something over 3-5 days, then each nt may require time = an hour).  I encourage reinforcement of ideas and practice on short homeworks, I'm not a huge fan of daily HW.


    Access online textbook here:  http://carolinascienceonline.com

    Email Ms. Thomas here:    sthomas@medford.k12.nj.us 

    blue shirt me




    *Space Systems Explorations *Our Ecosystem – The Pinelands

    *Electricity, Waves and Information Transfer *Structure & Function


    Our curriculum this year has been updated to reflect the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.  The curriculum was created by the Smithsonian Science Education Center and is called My Generation: Science and Technology Concepts for Middle School (STCMS).  STCMS is a hands on, inquiry based program that integrates engineering and design throughout each unit.  Each classroom will have a class set of textbooks and your child will have access to the textbook online for use outside of the classroom.