• Welcome to Team 6-3 with Ms. Niccoletti   Welcome to Team 6-3 Science Letter

     SIXTH GRADE AREAS OF STUDY There are so many fun and exciting topics to cover this year. . .

    *Space Systems Explorations *Our Ecosystem – The Pinelands

    *Electricity, Waves and Information Transfer *Structure & Function

    • Our curriculum this year has been updated to reflect the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.  The curriculum was created by the Smithsonian Science Education Center and is called My Generation: Science and Technology Concepts for Middle School (STCMS).  STCMS is a hands on, inquiry based program that integrates engineering and design throughout each unit.  Each classroom will have a class set of textbooks and your child will have access to the textbook online for use outside of the classroom.  

    Ms. Niccoletti
    Phone Ext: 8528
    Room #: 27
    Science Teacher
    Year joined Haines Staff: 2009
    Undergraduate school: Franklin & Marshall College 
    Degree: BA Biology & Spanish
    Graduate school: Seton Hall University                             
    Degree: MA Secondary Education