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SQUARE (Speedy Questions and Answers Regarding Education) is a communication portal that allows our educational community to get short, succinct and transparent answers to their questions.  What began as our "SQUARE - Speedy Questions and Answers - Reopening Edition" during the reopening phases of our pandemic is now intended to become a convenient tool for submitting questions to our district.
Please visit our "Be SQUARE With Me" form to submit your question.  We will create and share new SQUARE presentations as we collect questions and will post them to our website as well as notifying everyone about its availability via email.
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In this edition of Be SQUARE With Me, we address the following questions that represented the most commonly asked questions from our community:
  • What will lunch and recess look like? Will the children be allowed to play on the playground equipment?
  • Why is the district deciding to go to full day given that, as of today, the COVID numbers are on the rise?
  • Why, after keeping Kindergarten on a half day schedule, are you changing them to full day now?
  • What does going full day mean for a student who is staying remote?  What will that instruction look like?
  • If my Kindergarten child switches back to in-person, will they return to their home school and teacher?
  • As warmer weather approaches, will building temps be adjusted to prevent overheating due to masks?
  • Will plastic shields be used on classroom desks?
  • What will Haines schedule look like for the week of April 19th?
  • What will Memorial band lessons look like upon the return to full day instruction?
  • Will Middle School students be required to now take an elective due to full day instruction?
In this edition of Be SQUARE With Me, we address the following questions that represented the most commonly asked questions from our community:
  • For students in the after school program, how will remote learning be accommodated for the afternoon?
  • What will the instructional schedule look like for in-person 6-8th graders?
  • Why is the kindergarten schedule not changing to align with this shift?
  • Will students have same teachers in person as they do now?
  • Are there no mitigation strategies that can prevent the entire class from having to quarantine?
  • Will teachers be required to get the vaccine due to increased in-person instruction?
  • Why is Middle School waiting so long to have their students return?
  • What are the plans for standardized testing (NJASK) for the 2020-21 school year?
  • Will there by snack time during the 5-half day model for Elementary students?
  • What type of room configurations will be in place to help mitigate the lack of 6' distancing?
In this edition of Be SQUARE With Me, we address questions that came up from our community about our reopening plan.  You will find answers to the following questions:
  • If a class is forced to quarantine will that class switch over to fully remote during quarantine?
  • What is the plan for kids to return to school full time?
  • Will bus pick up and drop off time change? If so when will we be notified?
  • Will Google Meets continue for in person students?
  • Can afternoon instruction each day after in person instruction be limited to 1-2 afternoons?
  • What accommodations will be available for students and staff during transitions back to school?
  • For students attending after school program, how will remote learning be accommodated afternoons?
  • If we choose Remote for the rest of the school year, will my child's teachers continue to be the same?
  • Will my child get a carrying case for their chromebook if we go from remote to in-person?
  • If we are in the same position in September, will Kindergarten remain as AM/PM?
  • My daughter is remote only. Will she be able to switch to the in person?
  • My son has an IEP at Memorial. Other schools have had students with IEPs back 5-days, why not Memorial?
  • Can in-person students take a break from staring at screens? Maybe some paper and pencil work?
  • Will Kindergarten stay as it is with half days?
  • Will children, especially younger children, get support with their afternoon Meets in School's Out?
  • How many students are anticipated per class at Memorial, and what mitigation strategies are planned?
  • Why aren't virtual students being assigned to one teacher so in-person students can be in full day?
In this inaugural Be SQUARE With Me, we address the major components of our reopening plan, including:
  •  General
  • Health & Safety
  • Scheduling
  • Transportation
  • Curriculum
As of April 5, 2021:
Total Number of Be SQUARE Questions asked:  133
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