• There are two components to the Word Study Program:  Word Sorts and High Frequency Words

    Word Sorts:  The students study patterns of letters and sounds in words by categorizing them.  Ideally, they will practice their sorts at home in addition to working with them at school.  They need to be able to spell the word as well as place it in its proper category. 

    Word Sorts run in 10 day cycles, so the test dates are not a consistent day of the week.  Tests will be approximately every 2 weeks and make up most of the Word Study grade.


    High Frequency Words:  Students are tested on the current words and assigned the next 10 words on their High Frequency list every Thursday.  They are instructed to write these ten words in their assignment book as well as marking them on their HF word list.

    Students are also assigned a HF Word Activity page.  It's very important that they spell the HF words correctly on this practice! I give out their new HF Word Activity Page right after their HF Word tests on Thursdays.

    Due on Thursdays: HF Word Activity Page

    5th Grade High Frequency Words