School Counseling Services

    School Counselor Services



    The Counselor at each of the Medford Township Schools is dedicated to fostering, in every student, a sense of commitment to self and community and a firm desire to reach their goals. As children move through the stages of development, they need the support of adults at home and at school to assist them in their efforts to become self-directed students and sound decision makers. The choices they make impact many areas, such as: friendships, peer groups, activities and sports, and career paths. Our counselors are professionally trained to assist students and parents with the many personal issues that they may face in today's fast-paced world.


    We have a comprehensive guidance and counseling program in the Medford Township Public Schools. The focus of our elementary school program is both developmental and preventative. Classroom instruction includes such topics as workplace readiness, understanding self and others, promoting positive self-esteem, understanding peers and peer relationships, understanding choices and consequences, and understanding substance abuse issues. The goal of the middle school counseling department is to help bridge the gap between high school and elementary school.


    Throughout the year, counselors meet with interested students, classes, or small groups to facilitate developmental, academic, and social issues of concern. Individual and group counseling with students who have special needs are offered. Crisis intervention strategies are presented when necessary.


    The School Counselor also works with parents to discuss concerns and to help them understand their child’s growth and development, as well as their feelings and behaviors.


    If you would like counseling services for your child, or additional information, please review the information below and contact the counselor at your child’s school.