• Memorial students receives two categories of grades. One category is Achievement. The other category is Accountability.

    This year in Science, the Accountability Grade will be determined by a 50/50 split of Study Guides and Classroom Activities. Students will work on their study guides at home and be required to turn in the study guide (either in hard copy or electronically) on the day of the test. Full credit will be received for timely submission of a complete guide. If the study guide is not turned in on time, or if it is not complete, the grade will be a zero. Classroom Activities will make up the other 50% of the Accountability grade. On average, a Classroom Activity grade will be posted to Genesis every three-four weeks. Lab dress, group work, class participation, overall behavior, projects, etc. are just some of the items considered when generating a Classroom Activity grade, though, CLASS DISCUSSIONS will be a MAJOR part of the grade.