What is an Elementary School Counselor?

    ·         A person who helps all children

    ·         A teacher

    ·         A resource person for teachers and parents

    ·         A friend to talk to

    ·         A liaison

    ·         A consultant

    ·         A coordinator

     What Does the Elementary School Counselor Do in the School?

    ·         Meets with new students

    ·         Conducts classroom lessons that conform with the New Jersey State Core Curriculum Standards

    ·         Meets with children individually and in groups

    ·         Consults with staff, parents, other professional agencies

    ·         Observes children at work, lunch, and play, to gain greater understanding

    ·         Serves on the Intervention and Referral Services Committee

    Children Can See the Counselor About ALL Kinds of Things…

    ♥          good or bad feelings

    ♥          personal problems

    ♥          self-concept

    ♥          underachievement

    ♥          peer relationships

    ♥          fears

    ♥          school transitions

    ♥          problem solving skills

    ♥          changing inappropriate behavior

    ♥          feeling good about school

    ♥          dealing with a loss

     Where Might the Child See the Counselor?

    ·        Classroom

    ·         Counselor’s office

    ·         Hall

    ·         Lunchroom

    ·         Small group settings

     How Does A Child See the Counselor?

    ·         Self-referral

    ·         Teacher referral

    ·         Parent referral

    ·         Principal referral

    ·         Child Study Team referral

    The School Counselor Works With Parents

    ·         To discuss concerns

    ·          To help parents understand…

                     J their child’s growth and development.

                     J  their child’s feelings and behaviors.