What is an Elementary School Counselor?

    ·         A person who helps all children

    ·         A teacher

    ·         A resource person for teachers and parents

    ·         A friend to talk to

    ·         A liaison

    ·         A consultant

    ·         A coordinator

     What Does the Elementary School Counselor Do in the School?

    ·         Meets with new students

    ·         Conducts classroom lessons that conform with the New Jersey State Core Curriculum Standards

    ·         Meets with children individually and in groups

    ·         Consults with staff, parents, other professional agencies

    ·         Observes children at work, lunch, and play, to gain greater understanding

    ·         Serves on the Intervention and Referral Services Committee

    Children Can See the Counselor About ALL Kinds of Things…

    ♥          good or bad feelings

    ♥          personal problems

    ♥          self-concept

    ♥          underachievement

    ♥          peer relationships

    ♥          fears

    ♥          school transitions

    ♥          problem solving skills

    ♥          changing inappropriate behavior

    ♥          feeling good about school

    ♥          dealing with a loss

     Where Might the Child See the Counselor?

    ·        Classroom

    ·         Counselor’s office

    ·         Hall

    ·         Lunchroom

    ·         Small group settings

     How Does A Child See the Counselor?

    ·         Self-referral

    ·         Teacher referral

    ·         Parent referral

    ·         Principal referral

    ·         Child Study Team referral

    The School Counselor Works With Parents

    ·         To discuss concerns

    ·          To help parents understand…

                     J their child’s growth and development.

                     J  their child’s feelings and behaviors.


    The focus of Medford Township Public School's elementary school counseling program is both developmental and preventative.  All classes conform with the New Jersey State Core Curriculum Standards and include such topics as:  workplace readiness, understanding self and others, promoting positive self-esteem, understanding peers and peer relationships, understanding choices and consequences, and understanding substance abuse issues.

    Individual and group counseling with students who have special needs are additional counselor responsibilities.

    We can owrk together to help make your child’s school year successful and positive.