• Morning announcements are a proven way to set the tone for the day and build morale and a sense of school "community."  In Chairville's Morning Message, members of the school's student body take over the daily routine, which continues with the Pledge of Allegiance, a thought or example about the core vale for the month and birthday shout-outs.   The School Counselor selects student(s) in Kindergarten - 5th grades to create these messages because we think the student body might listen more closely and follow their example of demonstrating our school's core values.  All students come to close the a.m. ritual with an upbeat message "Make It A Great Day". 

    Our Core Values

    Respect - behavior intended to please others; courteous regard for people's feelings; a feeling of friendship and esteem; to regard someone highly.  Celebrated in September and May.

    Responsiblity - having the job of taking of something or someone; to be trusted to do what is right or do the things that are expected.  Celebrated in October and March.

    Integrity -  to tell the truth and treat people equally; take responsbility for our own feelings and actions; doing the right thing even when no one is watching (both online and off).  Celebrated in November and April.

    Kindness - the quality or state of being warm-hearted, gentle, considerate and empathetic; to show concern for another person's feelings; to help someone who is in need.  Celebrated in December and June.

    Trustworthiness - being reliable; do what you say you'll do; to tell the truth and be honest, even when it may be difficult; being loyal to your friends and community.  Celebrated in January.

    Fairness - the quality or state of being equal; seeing the many sides of one issue.  Celebrated in February.

    Submit A Morning Message!

    Open this link: Morning Message Worksheet , print and fill out a Morning Message at home with your child.  Have them return it to the School Counselor's Morning Message table (just outside the Guidance office).  Your student, if selected, will receive a date when they are scheduled to share their message over morning announcements. 

    *Plese note that this is a first come first serve program so not all submissions will be selected. 

    **Students are allowed to group with no more than 2 other students.