Student Council 7/8th Grade (Tuesdays & various days) – Members of this club work together to build a sense of community in our school by organizing spirit activities, dances, and charity drives. We are constantly looking for new ideas from classmates that help improve our school, and we strive to inform students about school events and causes. We expect student council members to be active in the club, listen to classmates' ideas, and be positive role models for their peers. Our club will meet every Tuesday in room 105 or room 18, starting the end of September and finishing in June. Meetings start after dismissal and finish at 3:10. Students must have a late bus pass to take the late bus home (which can be purchased at the main office of Memorial). Students may also be picked up at Memorial. Some activities such as decorating for a dance will need members to stay until 4:30. We also need students to help at a couple evening events such as the 3v3 Basketball Tournament. If you have any questions, please contact the advisers.   Some activities require a ride home after 3:30 - 4:00 pm.

    Next Meeting: after April 20th

    Questions? Please contact: