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          Educational Programs     

    The Medford Township School District's Office of Educational Support Services provides a range of education programs, from preschool to grade 8, to address the needs of students. We offer a full continuum of placement options for students with disabilities and continue to stress student achievement.

    The district provides various classes for children three through five years old who are identified with a disability in communication, fine/gross motor skills, intellectual development, and/or social and emotional growth. To qualify for a special education preschool program, the child must be 3-5 years or be turning three during the academic year (the child must not qualify for kindergarten), and experiencing a developmental delay, as measured by appropriate diagnostic instruments and procedures. A developmental delay means a 33% delay in one developmental area, or a 25% delay in two or more of the following areas:

     * Communication              

     * Social and Emotional

     * Cognitive     

     * Adaptive

     * Physical, including gross motor, fine motor and sensory (vision and hearing)

    Instruction is provided using a language-based approach, with emphasis on learning through experience and play.


    The district accepts 3-year-old and 4-year-old children from the general public into our integrated preschool program at a minimal tuition cost. The program offers a high quality, half day preschool program where students, with and without disabilities, learn together in a supportive environment. This preschool experience provides children an opportunity to learn and socialize with peers in a nurturing and meaningful learning environment. Please click on the attached application and preschool calendar below for further information.



    Grades K – 8

    In addition to the General Education program, the district offers various programs to meet the individual needs of students identified in need of special education services. These include in-class support, pull-out replacement, and self-contained special education programs, supported by speech, occupational and physical therapies. The district also works with parents to place students in out-of-district, regional programs when we are unable to provide appropriate services in one of our schools.