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    Arrival/ Greeting

    • Unpack, attendance, transition into independent FUNDATIONS activity

    Word Work

    • Fundations Program
    • Build and pull words apart; look at chunks of words
    • Sight words

    Morning Meeting

    • Daily Routines, build community, set the tone for the day

    Community Time/Social Skills

    • Build a sense of community
    • Develop a strong sense of self
    • Problem-solving skills
    • Playground rules
    • Focus on GROWTH MINDSET

    Math Workshop/enVisions Math

    • Focus lesson: introduce new concept/skill/strategy
    • Independent Work: practice and assessment
    • Deepen understanding: talk about math; question to help them connect with information in ways that are meaningful and relevant to their lives


    Reading Workshop

    • Focus lesson: writing skill/strategy
    • Read Aloud: build comprehension skills & vocabulary
    • Retelling: main ideas, beginning, middle, end
    • Cause and effect
    • Guided Reading: small group instruction


    Writing Workshop

    • Focus lesson: writing skill/strategy
    • Independent Writing/ Conferencing: grow at their own pace


    TCI: Bring Science Alive!

    • Inquiry-Based Science program
    • Meets new standards based on the Next Generation Science Standards


    • Small, nutritious, nut-free snack

    Related Arts

    • Art, music, PE, tech lab (which has received a makeover), library