What do you see?

Organization while exploring...

  • Your Science Binder is a Place You Will…

    1. Ask questions.
    2. Find and record the answers to your questions.
    3. Keep background information you may have found on your own to help you make more sense of the content.
    4. Write personal connections to the information to help you remember the information at a later time.
    5. Write connections between the content information (ex: convection currents happen in the air, water, and under the earth’s surface…you might cover all of these in separate lessons so the information will be carried forward and revisited multiple times as the same concept applies).
    6. Write down formal notes given during class.
    7. Write down any other information provided during class that you feel would be helpful to you (sometimes formal notes may not be given but emphasis on a particular topic/idea or further explanations will be given on the spot based on classroom discussions or questions).
    8. Sketch images or jot down quick additional thoughts related to what you are learning as they come to mind or might be used to jog your memory at a later time while you are preparing for class (ex: words, phrases, descriptions, quick drawings, etc.).
    9. Keep all your handouts in an organized way set up at the start of the year.

    For each entry in your binder ALWAYS:

    1. Write your name on your paper.
    2. Date your entry on the top line and on the right side of the page.
    3. Number your entry.  



    *Each section of the binder will be organized by lesson to help you stay organized through the year and help with your learning processes.


    *Each paper inserted into the binder should be dated with the date on which it was received and numbered. Then, the papers should be placed in chronological order into the binder.