• Chromebooks and Google Docs
    Cranberry Pines Elementary, along with our entire school district, has moved towards becoming a 1:1 school district with our students in grades 2-5.  What are Chromebooks, you ask?  Please see below:
    Our hope is that, like our pilot year three years ago, we will continue to be successful in integrating technology in our classrooms:
    Our goal is to prepare our students, for tomorrow, by introducing them to Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawing and other Google apps.  All of the students have been given a Google Account with a disabled Gmail address; that means they can log onto their Student Google Account at both school and home; however, they do not have a working email account.  Their Google Account provides them access to their Google Drive where all of their classwork and projects will be stored.  All of the student account log-ons will look something like this:
    Their username is made up of the first 2 letters of their first name, their full last name, and the two digit year they will graduate from 8th Grade in Medford.
    We will go over their passwords in class and those will not be posted online.
    If you have any questions, please ask.  
    Thanks and we are looking forward to an excellent year!