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  • Additional Help and After School

    It is one of my many goals for all students to be successful in science class. However, sometimes a little extra help is needed. These extra times can be used to:

    -talk science,

    -offer a quiet place to study,

    -collaboratively review material together

    -make up a lab or even redo a lab (if necessary and requested).


    After school time will be scheduled mainly for Thursdays of each week, but often times Tuesday and Wednesday are available as well.  Some weeks there may not be any after school science days, though.  Students should always check with me if they would like to stay on the first day of the week or can email me about the following days if they'd like.


    If a student would like to stay after school, they should let me know by writing their name in the book to stay at least one day in advance, and must have a note from a parent/guardian the day they are to stay. If no note from a parent is present they will be sent home on the regular bus at 2pm.


    *A note can be placed on file to indicate the student may stay any time throughout the school year, also.