•  Math Grading Distribution

    Achievement Grade

    ·       Major Assessments ~ 50%  (Tests & Performance Assessments)

    ·       Minor Assessments ~ 30% (Quizzes)

                  -As you are expected to master skills, as well as demonstrate problem solving abilities, major and minor assessments account for a significant portion of your grade.

                 -Dates for all tests and most quizzes will be posted on the board.  If is your responsibility to write them in your agenda and prepare for them.

                -It would be to your advantage to see me for help to review the concepts you had difficulty with before and/or after the assessment.

     ·       Daily Assessment ~ 20%


                      -This category includes graded MMR crates, graded class work, and graded homework.

                      -You may also earn an "Accountability Grade" for some of these assignments.

                       -It is your responsibility to make sure that the assignments are completed and turned in on time.


    Accountability Grade

    ·       Homework ~ 50%

                      -Students will receive the following points for homework assignments:

                                  2 points – Complete and work shown

                                  1 point – One day late or work partially shown

                                  0 points – No homework

                      -Complete homework includes:

                                  -A heading (Date, page number, problem numbers)

                                  -Should be completed in the second section of the M&M Book in pencil

                                  -All assigned problems attempted with proof shown.  Math is not always an answer, but a thought process.  Be sure to show what you're thinking!                        

    ·      Preparation/Participation ~ 50%

              -This includes M&M Book Checks, participation grades, completion grades for some Daily Assessment assignments, non-graded MMR crates, and any other non-graded work.