Ms. Love’s Second GradeSupply List


    Dear Second Graderand Family,

              Welcome to second grade at Chairville School! I know that you are going tolove second grade. This will be a fun and exciting year as you will make newfriends, learn many lessons, and participate in many school activities. It isimportant that you come to school prepared and ready to learn. Below is a listof supplies that you will need for second grade.

      Pleaselabel the following with your name:

    • 1 durable red folder
    • 1  durable folder (any color or design)
    • 1 art smock
    • 2 boxes of crayons (24)
    • 1 box of markers
    • 2 packs of pencil top erasers
    • 24 sharpened pencils
    • 1 journal with lines
    • 1 White 1 inch 3 ring binder with a plastic pocket on the front cover (please write your child’s name on the spine insert)

    Please do not label the following items; theywill be kept at our

    community centers.

    • 3 black dry erase markers
    • 3 glue sticks
    • 1 packs of square post-it notes
    • 1 large bottle of hand sanitizer (must be Germ-X or Purell)
    • Boys: 2 boxes of tissues & 1 box of sandwich bags
    • Girls: 2 boxes of tissues & 1 box of gallon  bags
    • A Smile J

        I hope you enjoy your summer vacation. Ilook forward to seeing you on

    your first day ofschool as a second grader.